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Dydh Da, SEO Kernow have been carrying out SEO services and building websites for some 20 years and have vast experience with SEO strategies. Based in Cornwall we specialize in carrying out SEO consultancy for local companies.

Our knowledge of search engine optimization and web development is extensive covering various programming languages and technologies. We firmly believe this is why you have found this website so easily.

We employ all the latest SEO techniques to make your website appear high on the search rankings for various relevant phrases.

Moreover we do not need to charge you monthly subscriptions. The way it works at SEO Kernow is that we fix your companies website code to the best possible performance, both for SEO and speed for instance. Then we can move onto backlink building, keyword research and other forms of promotion. We will not waste your time or money and only give completely impartial advice to all my customers.

What Is SEO?

The process of SEO is different depending on who you talk to. If SEO was not a consideration before your website was built then there are varying approaches depending on your site setup that can address bad code.

Then we can look at keyword optimization and after carefully researching keywords in the business niche you target, we then implement them in the right locations to gain you more web presence.

Once the on-site SEO has been carried out for the first time we can them move onto more business centric SEO and marketing methods. This will vary depending on your company but SEO Cornwall have experience in many industries and in particularly Cornish ones.

From social media inovations, website enhancements, link building, vertical marketing and Youtube SEO or article submissions. This is just some methods that can be implemented depending on the business model required.

We will work with you and get to know your Kernowyon (Cornish) business inside and out. This helps us to be more accommodating and inspired. We will always be honest with you and make no promises, but with our history you can be rest assured we will maintain the highest targets.

There is no quick fix to gaining more targeted customers to a website even though many people will try to sell you 500 backlinks or some other unatural method. SEO should be organic and natural, this is why you firstly need to make your content great, and we mean really great.

Take a look at your competition and look to see how their content is designed and promoted on-site. You want new customers to visit your website but without anything interesting or better than the competition has then your conversion rates will stay low.

Each website we work with is very much different to the next and this means differing SEO tactics.

This can depend on the business type for example optimizing an Ecommerce site would include such practices as press releases and Instagram marketing perhaps depending on your product. If you have a drain clearance company then Instagram or Pinterest are probably not the best marketing plans but a press release maybe.

We offer SEO Consultancy for Cornish based businesses and will visit you at your office or home to teach you all you require to SEO your own site professionally.

Cornwall SEO Advice

The Duchy of Cornwall resides in England and you should always include your address with your county and country and postcode area on your website so customers within Cornwall and further afield can find you easier!

Cornwall holds the PL, TR and EX postcode areas, so remember to use these postcodes on seperate location aware pages as appropriate on your website. Increase your SEO results by targeting these postcodes on your webpages, blog or social network channels.

SEO Cornwall can expand your internet presence to surrounding towns and villages too. Why not build up mentions by mentioning these towns on social groups and your blog whenever you can. This all helps to stake your claim in that town for your business.

SEO Kernow can create individual pages or instruct on how to. Think of one page per location or the website will only exist in the area you live.

Remember that a website has to be Mobile compliant before SEO consultant work can commence. As you already know, everyone in Cornwall are searching using their mobiles nowadays. The more devices a website can be viewed upon the better. We can help you with mobile compliance issues and advise on resolutions, some of which we can develop for you.

If you really want to promote your Cornish business then start getting social. The list below shows the most social business orientated influencers in Cornwall. Connect with them and the people who follow them and join in locally.

Using local Cornwall Social Networks is a great way to leave your business card wherever you go online and it does not take long, just a few moments of an evening will do fine.

Be sure you leave comments using your Fabeook business page on local popular Facebook groups and pages too. Keep it personal and people will soon become more aware of your business brand. If you need help setting up Facebook Pages or Twitter campaigns then please give us a call.

You may also like to know that we offer basic and advanced SEO training, we can advance your tecniques and help you make sense of it all!

Cornwall SEO Services

We integrate Twitter, Facebook and Google+ into the core HTML of your site. We also optimize your website for microdata which tells Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search engines exactly what you do for a business.

Using Microdata, Metadata and correcting any internal issues, using Strict HTML Standards to ensure the websites visibility and speed. SEO Cornwall will first show you the problems and then show how we fixed them, giving you complete knowledge of our work process.

You will be able to see exactly what we have done for the money you spend with us, a before view of your situation and after view. There are no secrets here!

We optimize websites for speed too using server side technologies. We have a thorough system for meeting page speed criteria. The speed of your website is one of the most important search ranking position factors in Cornwall. SEO Cornwall has many ways to get the most out of your current hosting setup without resorting to upgrades where possible. Please view our SEO Services page for more details or give James a call.

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